High Speed Motor Control

With over 200,000 installed spindle drives, KEB is an expert in high-speed motor control and has earned a reputation as the worldwide spindle drive leader. KEB spindle drives are the preferred drives by many CNC, woodworking, and robotic customers.

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Drive Platforms for Spindle Motor Operation

KEB offers various drive platforms that are suitable for spindle motor operation. Single-phase and three-phase inputs are possible and KEB drives control both induction and permanent magnet motor types.

KEB spindle drives are known for their high performance. For example, the COMBIVERT S6 drives feature a 62-microsecond current control loop. Modules are capable of output frequencies up to 1600Hz.

Sensorless Closed Loop™ (SCL) motor control

Open-loop applications can use basic V/Hz control or KEB’s proprietary SCL motor control.

Extremely precise torque and speed.

Without encoder or resolver feedback.

Optimal motor shaft performance.

Lower motor heating and a better-finished product.

Closed Loop Drives

Spindle applications requiring tool change or orientation functions can benefit from KEB’s closed-loop drives with integrated features.

KEB closed-loop drives feature a Z-pulse input and a 32-bit internal positioning module.

Homing and tool change routines are easy to program.

Flexible Industrial Communication Options

Over 10 different protocols are supported including EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink, and Profinet.

Machine builders can standardize on just one drive platform in addition to other platforms they might offer.

Sine Wave Filters

Sine Wave filters provide a near sinusoid waveform to the PM motor.

This reduces motor heating and allows more power output from the motor.

KEB offers graduated filter sizes so each application can be optimized.

KEB engineers can simulate filter performance with 99% accuracy - saving many hours of testing time.

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